Products: CCA

CCA Poles

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), like the other treatments Brown offers, gives utility poles durability by rendering the wood fiber useless as a food source for fungi and termites. In addition to offering service lives many times that of untreated poles, CCA poles also offer a number of features which make them the utility pole of choice for many purchasers.


CCA poles are highly leach resistant, odor free and friendly to the environment. Since the preservative used in CCA poles is an oxide formulation rather than a salt, it offers low conductivity and low corrosivity. Full-scale testing has shown that the CCA treatment does not significantly alter the physical properties, such as bending strength, which make wood a superior material for utility poles.


Because CCA becomes "fixed" in the wood, there is virtually no migration or leaching of the preservative. CCA is carried into the wood in a water solution. Consequently, CCA poles are clean to the touch and non-staining to utility work crews and others who might come into contact with them.