Products: CCA-ET

CCA-ET® Poles

Brown believes that, by staying current with new developments, we can offer our customers the best solutions to their needs. Although the use of bucket trucks has reduced the need to climb poles, gaff penetration continues to be a concern for some users. That's why Brown offers the patented ET (Emulsion Treated) pole, which combines the longevity and cleanliness of CCA poles with climbability equivalent to poles treated with oil-borne preservatives. Following treatment with CCA, CCA-ET® poles are impregnated with mineral oil emulsion in their outer layers. The viscous oil additive serves as a lubricant, making the pole easier to climb without affecting the preservative properties of the CCA treatment.  


CCA-ET® poles are listed as conforming to the requirements of the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA) and approved by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They offer all the longevity and fixative properties of CCA-treated wood. Researchers have found no detectable migration of either preservative or oil. And there is no need to rotate poles during storage because of the emulsion's high viscosity.   

CCA-ET® poles can be touched and handled without special precautions. They are easier to saw and drill then regular CCA poles because the emulsion additive acts as a lubricating oil. Plus, retention of oil can be readily verified by inspection agencies.