Why Brown: Selection

Brown Selects Only The Best


Quality utility poles start with quality timber. Brown’s experienced foresters have strong relationships with land owners and timber companies that allow them access to some of the highest quality timber in the southern pine belt.


Working in tandem with forestry owners and managers, Brown is committed to preserving this valuable natural resource, utilizing both selective harvesting and reforestation techniques. We choose our trees only from timberlands grown specifically for the purpose of harvesting. And, we are strong supporters of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a non-profit organization devoted to improving sustainable forest management throughout the United States and Canada.


Wood is the ideal material for utility poles. It is a renewable resource, which is resilient and extremely resistant to oxidation, corrosion, crumbling and spalling. With the proper preservative treatment, wood can be effectively protected from its natural enemies -- fungi and termites – for a very long service life.

If you are looking for a quality utility pole supplier, Brown Wood Preserving Company provides quality in every step of the process. From timber selection through the end product of pressure-treated wood poles, Brown provides the highest quality.Contact our utility pole supplier to order pressure-treated wood poles today.