Why Brown: Treating

Brown Meets Your Needs


To ensure that our utility poles provide a long service life, we treat them with quality preservatives. Brown offers three options of wood pole treatment, PentaCCA and CCA-ET®, so you can choose the pressure treated wood that is best suited to your application and the location.


To prepare the utility poles for the preservative, Brown exposes them to a powerful vacuum, which opens up the wood cells to make them more receptive to the wood preserving chemicals. The preservative is then pumped into the cylinder, and the pressure is raised to about 150 psi, forcing the preservative into the wood. The pole is treated to a retention level appropriate for the wood pole treatment and the species. 

The pressure treated wood of our poles is designed to withstand the elements, for an incredibly long lifespan. If you are going to be spending money on wood poles, you will want them to last. That’s why people choose Brown Wood Preserving Co.’s high-quality treated wood poles.