We operate our own processing plants to ensure quality throughout every step of the process. Because our poles will carry our name, we are rigorous in our inspections and uncompromising in our methods.

Trees must be processed to remove bark, branch stubs, overgrown knots and the cambium layer. We separate the wood poles into classes based on their circumference, and inspect them for straightness, twist of grain or damage.

Because there is a correlation between the moisture level in the wood and its ability to accept preservative treatment, Brown carefully manages the drying of the poles in our kilns to maximize the effect of the preservative. Our processing and utility pole treatment procedures are unmatched by our competitors.

Before utility pole treatment, we frame the poles or cut them to specifications necessary for cross arms. This ensures that the preservative treatment will penetrate to the optimum depth.

Pulling stored digital files we have for each customer, our automated framing machine saws every roof, drills all vertical holes, and gains every pole with computerized accuracy.

Each pole is then laser-branded, a Brown exclusive, as an alternative to old-fashioned hot iron hand branding. These clean, legible laser brands provide a permanent record of each pole’s vital statistics. We now can create consistent and legible high quality burn brands with the touch of a button.



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